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At Forest Hill, Life Groups begin with an event that we call Life Group Connect, which is offered twice a year (September and January). During Launch, leaders and participants are told what to expect from their Life Group and then given opportunity to connect with their group. After Life Group Connect, groups that have room to add people will be able to list their groups on the Forest Hill website Groups Page for others to join.

This is where your group will launch. We say launch because like a spaceship taking off, a Life Group requires energy to get off the ground and planning to get going in the right direction. We want every group to launch well, so a few weeks before Launch we bring together all new leaders to help them plan for the event and to prepare for the first few months of the Life Group.

The rhythm that you establish in the first few weeks will become the expectation for your group. Be intentional to build in time for study, care, serve, share, and prayer. Here is a suggested quarterly rhythm.

Congratulations on completing the Orientation Guide!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Otherwise, please review the Ministry Commitment and fill out the Leader Application by clicking the link below.

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