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Facilitating a Discussion


Bridge Groups are designed to help people to grow in dynamic life in Christ as they Experience the Gospel together and Equip One another as Bridge Builders. Primarily this happens as you spend time studying the Bible or some biblically based content and apply it to your everyday life. 

As a leader one of the key things you will do is help facilitate great discussions where everyone is part of the conversation and everyone is growing as they circle up around great content. 

On average, your group will complete 8-10 studies over its two years together. We've designed a Curriculum Pathway to guide your journey together as group. Leaders should intentionally choose studies that help people Experience the Gospel, Engage in Community and Equip one another as Bridge Builders.


This tool recommends some great studies that will help everyone in your group grow in these three areas.

Deepen Your Character: Attentiveness
Leaders who demonstrate close attention to others’ thoughts, interests, and desires by listening well

Develop Your Competency: Facilitating a Discussion
Facilitate discussion in such a way that everyone engages and takes their next step spiritually
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