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Become a Bridge Group Leader

Forest Hill Bridge Groups are designed to help people grow in dynamic life in Christ as they Experience the Gospel, Engage in Community and Equip one another as Bridge Builders. Groups can be life changing. For this reason, Bridge Group leaders are some of most important people in our church because they are committed to that help others grow in their relationships with Jesus and one another.


Leaders don’t have to be experts or know what to do in every situation. In fact, the best leaders are often aware of their weaknesses and empower others within the group while trusting God to work it all together for good. 

We are excited that you are interested in leading and have designed this process to help you decide if leading is a good next step for you. 


Look over the Bridge Group Leader Overview to learn more about what Bridge Group does and what it means to commit to leadership.


Complete a Leader Application and review the Volunteer Commitment page.


Once your application is received a Forest Hill Church Staff member from your campus will contact you to set-up a time to meet.  This will give you a chance to learn more about Bridge Group Leadership and for us to learn more about your story, your gifts and skills and the ways you see God at work in your life.


Leader Training is your last step before launching your new Bridge Group.  New leaders meet with staff person or expereinced group leader 3 to 4 times to shadow them and learn vital leadership skills that will help you lead your Bridge Group well.  

NOTE: This process is designed to give you confidence before you lead, not to answer every question you might have. We provide ongoing development and support for Bridge Group leaders that builds on this initial information. If you do have questions now, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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