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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a one-on-one, same gender relationship that provides an opportunity for those who are younger (in age or faith) to be spiritually guided by someone more mature.


What do Mentors & Mentees do?
Mentoring provides an environment for spiritual growth which prioritizes the relationship, while engaging with Scripture and other resources that deepen faith.

What is a Mentor’s or Mentee's Commitment?

  • Meet with your together weekly or bi-weekly for 9–12 months.

  • Intentionally explore a variety of spiritual topics.

  • Pray for and with one another regularly.

  • Participate in a one-time training prior to beginning.

How will Mentors and Mentees grow?


Gain greater understanding of how God is shaping the story of your life and using your story in his Kingdom.  


Grow in your knowledge of God and his purposes and desires for you as a follower of Jesus by practicing different spiritual disciplines. 


Apply your personal and spiritual growth in loving and leading wherever God places you.

Ready to become a mentor?


Use the Am I Mentor Material? tool to help guide you in your mentorship decision, as you pray and ask for God's direction. 

What is a Forest Hill’s Commitment to Mentors and Mentees?

Campus staff will provide ongoing resources and be the first point of contact for support and encouragement. If help is needed finding a mentee, campus staff will make recommendations and introductions. However, mentors are encouraged to reach out to candidates they already know through Forest Hill. A list of materials to use when meeting with your mentee will be provided for you at training and later will be available in Resources.


What Topics will Mentors and Mentees explore?
Mentors will be equipped at a one-time training with a resource list aligned with Forest Hill’s essentials, values and measures. Together, the mentor and mentee will pick the topics that will best shape their time together. Topics include:
  • Foundational relationship with God

  • Grace

  • Prayer

  • Spiritual disciplines

  • The Bible

  • Doctrine & theology

  • God’s will

  • Apologetics & evangelism

  • Character

  • Purpose & identity

  • Relationships (including marriage, parenting & dating)

  • Work

  • Leadership

How do I become a Mentor or Mentee?
Look over the next steps and contact us if you have any questions.
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