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Resources for Mentors

Deciding What to Study Together

What should mentors or mentees study together?  Here are some questions & resources to help you decide:


Where does your mentee want to grow?
Talk about where your mentee wants to be spiritually a year from now.  Do they want to grow in knowing the character of God?  Do they want to learn to share their faith?  Do they want to grow in their relationships?  

What is your mentee's spiritual maturity?

How long has your mentee been following Christ?  Are they newer to faith?  If so, some resources might be overwhelming.  Or have then been Christ-followers for a long time and want to go deeper in an area?​ Our resources are sorted by spiritual maturity to help you find a good fit.

What resources best fit your personalities and lifestyle?

Think through what is realistic to study together.  Is a book better than a series of videos?  Is reading a book a month possible given other commitments?  It's better to discuss one resource deeply and apply it to your lives then cover as many topics as possible in a year.  

Resources as you begin Mentoring

Getting Started

Before you begin mentoring, watch this video to learn more about the Biblical model for mentoring, how to listen well and hear about how mentoring changes lives.

Then open up the Mentoring Guide Book to begin your mentoring journey.

Telling Your Story

At the beginning of your mentoring relationship, set aside an extended time to get know one another and tell your stories.




Pray together about ways you'd both like to grow in your time together.

Listening Well

Effective listening & asking good questions is the foundation of a good mentoring relationship.

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