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New Connections Leader Training

We are excited that you have decided to lead a Connections Team!  

Over the next few months you will meet with a staff person or experienced leader to walk through key competencies that will equip you to lead a team and grow in leadership in all areas of your life--at home, in your workplace, in your neighborhood--wherever God has given you influence. We've designed these trainings to give you great content and hands-on opportunities to try them out in real-life situations.

And remember, this process is designed to give you confidence before you lead, not to answer every question you might have. We provide ongoing development and support for Forest Hill leaders that build on this initial information. If you do have questions now, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We will be using books "Leading Others" and "Leading Leaders" by Mac Lake to grow as leaders. A Forest Hill staff person will provide these materials for you.  You can click on the boxes below for a sneak peek.

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