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Bridge Groups


Building Bridges
that connect Everyone to Dynamic Life in Christ.

What is a Bridge Group?
Bridge Groups are small groups where people meet regularly to grow in Dynamic Life in Christ. In Bridge Groups everyone will have the opportunity to Experience the Gospel, Engage in Community and Equip one another to Build Bridges.
What do Bridge Groups do?

Over the course of two years together Bridge Groups will explore what it means to:

Experience the Gospel

  • What is the Gospel and how does it shape our identity and the world?

  • What are spiritual rhythms that will help us grow in the dynamic life in Christ?

Engage in Community

  • What makes a gospel-centered community unique?

  • What does the Bible say about how we relate to one another?

  • How has God uniquely designed each person for a purpose in the group and in their communities?

Equip One Another as Bridge Builders:

  • What does the Bible say about building bridges to people whose experiences are different than ours?

  • How can we share our stories to point people to the Gospel?

  • How do we actively go out to build bridges and intentionally invite others into the Kingdom?

What does a Bridge Group Leader do?
  • Provide a safe, consistent place for people to grow together in the dynamic life in Christ.

  • Encourage people in your group to build bridges to others


What is a Bridge Group Leader’s Commitment?
  • Leading weekly or bi-weekly group meetings (usually 1 – 2 hours)

  • Praying and preparing for each group meeting (about 1 hour/meeting)

  • Engaging with Forest Hill Staff for ongoing leader development (around 4x year)

  • Committing to lead your group for 2 years

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