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Growing Healthy Community

Deepen Your CharacterDependability
Dependable leaders are consistent in their words and actions.

Develop Your Competency:
Growing Healthy Community

Cultivate the practices that grow healthy, thriving communities who are untied around a common purpose

Healthy communities stay together through the good, the bad and the ugly. There are times when this is easy and times when it will take real effort. But the effort is always worth it. When a group goes from just meeting regularly to becoming a true community, then there is a great opportunity for true life change to happen.

But community just doesn't happen. You have to intentionally grow it!  Begin by planning to have some fun as group; God made us to enjoy life together!  These good, joy-filled moments build bonds that can carry us through more difficult times that everyone eventually encounters. 


Growing community also happens when a group responds to bad things group members face such as job loss or health concerns. You as the leader might not always be the best person to care in bad situations, but you’ll probably be one of the first to find out when they happen. Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


When ugly things do happen, such as a divorce, your group and you as a leader have resources you can rely on. Growing a community does not mean your Bridge Group has to handle everything on your own. Here are two Forest Hill phone numbers you should add to your contacts for help when you need it:

  • Pastor on Call: 704-716-8779

  • Care and Counseling Office: 704-716-8775

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