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Life Groups are discipleship environments that are designed to move people closer to Christ over the course of two years. They help a big church to feel small and provide space for people to cultivate Christian fellowship. Life Groups can be life changing. But this doesn’t happen automatically. It takes effort by the leaders and the other members of the group. Forest Hill has a set of expectations that help to insure healthy groups.

Life Groups are committed to:

  • Meet regularly (typically about 90min for 2-4 times per month).

  • Study scripture or biblically based content.

  • Care regularly for one another.

  • Serve locally at least 4 times a year.

  • Share Christ by developing together as gospel carriers.

  • Pray weekly with and for one another.

Life Group leaders are committed to:

  • Leading a group for 2 years.

  • Preparing and praying for each meeting.

  • Engaging with staff through ongoing leader development and support (4 - 5x per year).

  • Encouraging shared leadership of the group.

Forest Hill is committed to providing:

  • Ongoing support and training.

  • Planning tools and leader resources.

  • Personal care and leadership development.

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